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Sales' Impressive Practice and Potential Start

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Let’s be honest, by the end of last week we still weren’t sure what the Halifax 21st saw in their newly acquired 27-year-old backup goaltender. We discussed before why we believe they picked this old rookie up, but what we saw this week during the 21st practice sessions certainly filled in the blanks. Let us be the first to say, this guy is good.


While he may be a bit unorthodox, Sales has proven in his first week as Halifax’s backup goaltender that he is willing to work hard to be the best. His hardened past certainly showed up today as he never even flinched taking some of these impressive shots. A few of those shots that Sales faced seemed impossible to stop, but he proved us all wrong. The highlight of the practice session was when Sales faced a three on one situation. Defending was Kate Upton, and the three forwards were Michael Hall, Riley Couture, and Theodore James St. Louis. Blowing by Upton at the blue line, Couture gave a tape-to-tape pass to Hall on the left going towards Sales. After a few dirty dangles Hall faked a shot that should have fooled almost any goaltender, but not Sales. He tracked the puck as it skirted in front of him over to St. Louis who dropped to one knee as he delivered a one-timer that would scare even the most veteran goaltender. Sales, already sliding with the puck, reached over to the left with his blocker and punched the puck away while doing something very impressive, staring St. Louis in the eyes as if to say, “not this time bud.”



“You know, I thought it was a great first day of practice. That save off St. Louis’ shot was something I can’t help but smile at. You know, as the rookie they made sure to spray me hard with their shots, they didn’t hold anything back. I took one right to the mask that made me see some stars, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything else. I’m pretty sure Malone paid them a few bucks to unleash on me, but it was all in good fun.”


After the practice ended, we approached the Halifax coaching staff with one question, when will the fans see Sales in the net?



“Well, it’s a bit complicated. Malone is on fire right now, and we don’t want to risk breaking his hot streak. Sales was impressive today, and he’s already been a great addition to the team, so we are confident that he will see a few games this season, even if it’s to just give Malone a much deserved break.”


Hearing this, Sales could only grin.


We know that Malone has been an essential part of the Halifax team, but if Sales can keep doing what he showed us today, we know that he will be a worthy fill-in for Malone when needed. What should be exciting is that if Malone can continue to help groom Sales on and off the ice, the VHL very well could see the greatest goaltender of all time.


514 words, using for PT week ending Oct 18th

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