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[S74] -- Team Western Europe Roster & Discussion

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(S70) C - Chad Magnum - @Corco
(S67) C - Phil Marleau - @Phil
(S71) RW - Uhtred - @leafsman

(S68) RW - Owen Nolan - @studentized

(S70) LW - Jared Spaz - @Spaz

(S72) LW - Chris Hylands - @Hylands(C)


(S71) Roque Davis - @Josh (A)

(S68) Lance Flowers - @CowboyinAmerica(A)
(S70) Odin Omdahl - @zepheter
(S69) Erik Summers - @Erik Summers



(S69) Nicolas Fomba - @efiug
(S74) Piero Angela - @Minermonkey


Congratulations everyone on making Team Europe! I'm thankful for the opportunity to GM this squad and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do in the tournament! I am going to release an article tomorrow to give more on each selection but I wanted to get this announcement out to not hold things back.

I'd love if you all would join WCoH Discord server (https://discord.gg/QHysbvcb) so we can discuss the tourney! Let's do this!

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