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Team Canada S74 World Cup Roster

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It is an absolute honor to announce team Canada for the upcoming S74 World Cup; we are a proud nation with a deep and rich history of high level competition, a country capable of overcoming great odds whether it be at the Winter Olympics to U-16 teen ice hockey. We are recognized as a nation unified in our love, passion and excitement about any type of hockey from the ice of VHL rinks to the hardwood floors of elementary schools. 

I am Canadian... are you? 

Brock Louth ( @Beaviss ) - C
RJ Jubis ( @Jubis ) - A
Kris Rice ( @Ricer13 )
SS Hornet ( @McWolf )
Andrew Su ( @Da_Berr )
Timothy Brown ( @a_Ferk )

Lincoln Tate ( @Tate ) - A
Erik Killinger ( @Peace )
Hulk Hogan ( @TXC )
Jeff Downey ( @JeffD )

Jaxx Hextall ( @ROOKIE745 )
Rayz Funk ( @Rayzor_7 )

Let's get that gold! 

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