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S74 Team Mercs Roster

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Well let's get this shit going lads!


I'm proud to announce this team of underdogs, rudely spited and tossed to the side by their home countries.

But use that as fuel, as you've been selected to an elite squad of players, one that hopes to prove our mettle on the ice and dominate these other shmucks.


I present to you - the S74 Team Mercenaries!


C - Lewis Dawson - @Kendrick

LW - Markus Nygren - @Devise

RW - Guy Lesieur - @KC15

C - Vin Calia - @VinCal

C - Nate Telker - @Telkster

C - Pengu - @Pengu


D - Guy Sasakamoose - @Cxsquared

D - Hugh Jass - @TheFlash

D - Latrell Mitchell - @dasboot

D - Seabass Perrin - @Seabass


G - Jacques Lafontaine - @SlapshotDragon

G - Jimmy Spyro - @DarkSpyro


Despite us coming into this tournament as strong underdogs, I commit my time and energy to you all - to take down those teams that passed on you, and to prove that the Mercs are the team that truly embody the spirit of the World Cup. We have at least 1 player eligible from another team, making this one of the most united World Cup teams ever (don't fact check me on that, I like making bold claims with no evidence to support me). Anyways, I'm very proud to have all of these players and users on Team Mercs, and I'm excited to see what damage we can do in this tournament!


Welcome to the team!

Discord invite: https://discord.gg/KdNjwAC9

(Expires after a day, so if it doesn't work, just PM me on Forums or on Discord)



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