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VSN Presents: The Season 74 VHL Awards Show

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The VHL had a fantastic crop of young talent this season, and it's time to recognize the very best with the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy! Awarded to the player deemed to be the top rookie of the ye

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50 minutes ago, Doomsday said:



Last season we witnessed history when presenting the Daisuke Kanou Trophy, awarded to the MVP of the Playoffs, but tonight it's time for some new blood. Dating back to Season 68, when Rayz Funk won his first Kanou, the winner of the award for playoff MVP has been the goalie of the Cup winning team. Well, sorry to spoil it for you, Jimmy Spyro, but you can stay in your seat: that run ends tonight. A trio of Vancouver players are up for the award: Jeff Downey, Brock Louth, and Andrew Su, the three biggest Wolves of the pack this postseason. This was a tight race, with the winner decided by a single vote!


The winner of the Daisuke Kanou Trophy is…


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Brock Louth!!


Edging out Jeff Downey by a single vote, Louth has the fairytale ending of not only winning the Cup, but the Kanou in his farewell season. Downey was incredible as well, with 29 points as a defenseman and also racking up remarkable defensive statistics. But what put Brock Louth over the edge was not his 32 points, which by the way was the single highest point total for a Kanou winner since some legend named Alexander Chershenko scored 36 in Season 34, but his clutch factor. For five of Vancouver's playoff victories, Brock Louth scored the deciding goal. In the biggest games of the year and perhaps his career, Brock Louth delivered precisely when he needed to the most. That's what an MVP does, and Louth absolutely was an MVP on the biggest stage, in the biggest moments. 


Congratulations to Brock Louth, the Daisuke Kanou Trophy winner!!




Brock Louth: 5, Jeff Downey: 4, Andrew Su: 0



ryan reynolds hd GIF


@JeffD snubbed

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2 hours ago, Doomsday said:



The VHL had a fantastic crop of young talent this season, and it's time to recognize the very best with the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy! Awarded to the player deemed to be the top rookie of the year, Season 74 had plenty of young guns who weren't only ready for the VHL, but ready to thrive in the bigs. Vancouver's run to the Continental Cup happened in large part due to the contributions of Jesper Norberg and Venus Thightrap, two outstanding rookie forwards. Two rookie goalies, Jacob Tonn and Doug Dimmadome, made their debuts this year and held their own. Matty Socks of the Chicago Phoenix and Victor Grachev of the Warsaw Predators showed that they can be the next stud blue liners of the VHL. John Merrick of the Toronto Legion had a better season than my current player ever has, with 38 goals and 46 assists for 84 points, helping take Toronto back to the playoffs. 


In the end, however, there was one standout the Awards Committee simply couldn’t ignore. And your winner is…


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Dakota Lamb!!


Warsaw featured three of the top ten rookie scorers: Jeremy Lin, Victor Grachev, and Dakota Lamb. A dominant force at center, this spectacular rookie scored 90 points, with 43 goals and 47 assists. Ten of those goals came on the power play, already a major force on the man advantage. However, he was arguably just as good in his own end of the ice, with an impressive 40 blocked shots and 133 hits, along with a shorty on the penalty kill. He even finished with an even plus/minus on a team near the bottom of the standings! The Warsaw Predators are shaping up to have a bright future, and they've got the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy winner leading the way. Congratulations once again to Dakota Lamb, the top rookie of Season 74!




Dakota Lamb: 8, Matty Socks: 1, John Merrick: 0, Victor Grachev: 0, Doug Dimmadome: 0, Jacob Tonn: 0




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5 hours ago, OrbitingDeath said:

Holy hell, this didnt happen before? 


Thanks everyone for the votes and thanks to everyone in Malmo for making awesome players around me, could not have done this alone!

There's only been all 3 awards since S62 or S63 - Smitty won all 3 but never in one season, I think the Wylde is hardest to combine with a high scoring season. So well done to Adrienne, looks like another Hall of Famer for you smh lol.


5 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

And when we look at S72 between Lafontaine and Bernard. Hmmmm okok

Key differences are Lafontaine didnt have the outright lead in shutouts and save % in S72 while Bernard had 200 extra shots faced. Neither made the top 10 in shots faced this season so the team factor was also less obvious- I think Calgary was still a good defensive team, just low scoring, unlike S72 Moscow.



Great job @Doomsday, best presented ceremony to date imho! Dont you dare leave me again. 


And thank you all for the votes for top GM - third in 10 seasons in Moscow! Wish it was three cups instead but at least it seems people still think I know what I'm doing which is a plus. And of course...




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10 hours ago, Doomsday said:

Thank you to all of the members, @bigAL, etc.  everyone who helped make tonight happen.

Much love @Doomsday ✌️ I'm just a loser who didn't win anything and didn't expect a ping in here, but knowing I helped a friend is the best prize ever.

You don't really know the impact that words have on other people unless they tell you. Spread kindness like covid-19: quickly, easily, and to anyone you're close to.

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15 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

Nah sorry for the misunderstanding. I do think Bernard 100% deserve this award this season NO CAP, but when you look on some votes from other season. Don't add up that much


Congratz to Bernard tho, HOF goalie 100%

no, no misunderstanding, I was just joking :) I think they were close both times. Obviously I'm happy with how it turned out but I wouldn't have been surprised if it went the other way

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