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The Season of Giving - 2020 Edition


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Merry Christmas, VHL! I have decided to do something I think will be a lot of fun. I love to create, whether it be graphics or writing. So in the spirit of giving, I will be making graphics or writing for anyone in the community. All you need to do is the following things:

Graphics: The only things I will need for a graphic is the following:
Player Name (VHL Player)
Player Render (Real Player used in Graphic)

Writing: There are no rules when it comes to writing. Feel free to throw an idea at me and I'll happily write something up for you! I am also willing to do collabs if that is something that interests you.

If you want any of these two things (or both) just leave a reply below

Feliz Navidad Christmas GIF by LookHUMAN


Merry Christmas Everyone! - PatrikLaine

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7 minutes ago, GrittyIsKing09 said:

i can do one or two to ease your workload a bit!

I insist I can do it by myself, I can do this amount of work no sweat! Besides, it is the season of giving after all.

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