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The SHL is a hockey sim league that is entering its 19th season. With over 200 active members signing on daily, it is one of, if not the most active sim league on the internet. Don't have much time for sim leagues? That's alright, we offer easy ways to earn points so that everyone can enjoy the league.

We have over 100 prospects for the upcoming draft on Monday, July 7th, so if you enjoy competition this is the season to join.

-SHL Fantasy League- This is a fantasy league that features players in the SHL. You are put into one of 10 groups and will participate in a draft during the off-season. Fantasy team point totals are calculated weekly to make it easy to see how your team is doing in the group. This offers wicked prizes and is a lot of fun!

-Weekly activity checks- Earn 2 TPE per week just by simply posting in the thread.

-Weekly training- Earn cash or spend contract money to spend on one of three weekly training packages ranging anywhere from 1 TPE to 5 TPE per week.

-Point Tasks- Participate in many different PTs that are available throughout the season to earn TPE. These PTs include tasks such as: Mock drafts, predictions, written tasks, graphical tasks, milestones, and more.


Join up, it's good shit.



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Thanks, but could you take out the "(or is it the 8th spangs?)" :lol:


Also just PM me anytime if you want the VHL thread's OP updated on the SHL.


Thanks guys :cheers:

I had PM'd Spangle but he never edited it. It shouldn't be 25 seasons and it should be changed to 38 seasons instead. Instead of "quickly becoming one of the" we'd love to put "Is the longest serving and one of the best"

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Bumping this up. I joined in July and had never been on sims before, and I loved it there. Having so many active people over there who are here as well led me here and now I have two great leagues I play on. They're starting their recruitment drive and it would be mutually beneficial if you guys join over there and claim me as your recruiter. ;)

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