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Once I Make my Player How am I Placed on a Team?

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Congratulations on creating your player! The way you will be placed on a team differs depending upon what part of the season you join us in.


If you created your player while the regular season is still in progress or in the off-season but after the VHLM Draft has taken place, you will be a waiver, free to sign for any VHLM team that makes you an offer directly in your player creation thread. You should receive offers within 24 hours of your creation and while there is no minimum time you have to wait before you can accept an offer, it’s recommended that you wait until all teams make an offer before signing with a team. The contracts team offer you will all be one-season long and will all have a value of $1,500,000. Talk with General Managers about the role you'd have on the team or the competitiveness of the team to set them apart from one another. Once you accept an offer with a team, you will spend the rest of the season and the playoffs with the VHLM that you signed with. Once the playoffs have concluded, your rights with the VHLM team you signed for will expire and you will enter the VHLM Draft. The VHLM team that drafts you will hold your rights until you are no longer eligible for the VHLM (once you start a VHL season over 250 TPE) or for three seasons if you do not exceed the VHLM threshold in that timeframe. Once you start a season with over 250 TPE, you will automatically be called up to the VHL team who selects you in the VHL Draft.


If you created a player during the playoffs or in the off-season before the VHLM Draft has taken place, you will not be able to play until the following season. You will then be entered into the upcoming VHLM Draft and will play for the team that selects you in the VHLM Draft. The team will own your rights until you start a VHL season over 250 TPE (at which point you will be called up to the VHL), but if your player does not exceed that milestone, you will play for the team for three seasons.


This process may be a little confusing, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. League members and VHLM GMs are more than happy to help!

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