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Scotty Kaberle Rookie Experience

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Scotty Kaberle came into the VHLM in Season 74 as a relative unknown. His humble beginnings in Saskatoon proved to be a great launching pad for Kaberle, as he acted as a sponge and just soaked in all the coaching and information he possibly could from his coaches and managers. He really hit the ground running and by the time the Season 75 draft rolled around, Kaberle was making rumblings across both the VHLM and the VHL as a player who was developing at an elite rate, and perhaps he was someone who could move up in the draft. Sure enough,at pick 11, Toronto traded up as they felt they had to secure the player they wanted before he was gone. And with that pick, Scotty Kaberle’s path to the VHL became much clearer as he had his destination. The Toronto Legion. His favourite hockey team growing up as a kid. He still had his old Scotty Campbell jersey from when he was a kid. Kaberle was overjoyed to join Toronto. 


In Season 75 he was a man on a mission. After talking with Toronto management, the plan was set in place. Stay down in the M for Season 75 and dominate. Keep developing, and come puck drop Season 76, be ready to make an impact with Toronto. Season 75 was an unprecedented year for Kaberle. After being drafted 2nd overall by the San Diego Marlins in the VHLM Dispersal Draft, he joined a team that was stacked and hopeful to win a Founder’s Cup. The Marlins dominated all season and had a roster top to bottom that was amongst the best in the league. Scotty played against every other teams top lines night in and night out and shut them down, but he also found his offensive touch. He was 4th in the league in scoring, 1st among all defensemen. He also had the most assists in the league and most powerplay points. It was undeniably a breakout season for Kaberle around the board. Unfortunately, the dream season was cut a bit short as the Marlins fell in the Sem-Finals to one of the other powerhouses in the VHLM, the Philadelphia Reapers. This bitter and swift defeat was a good lesson for Kaberle and will be a constant reminder to him that you can always do more and be better. Going into the offseason, Scotty would use this experience as a tool.





When Scotty hit training camp, he was focused, yet he felt the pressure to make an impact with his new team. Joining him were his fellow S75 draftmates Jolly Greene Giant and John Callahan Jr. Both these players were elite prospects in their own right, and Scotty felt like they were a good band of brothers he could stick with when transitioning to the pros. Who knows, in time Jolly Greene Giant and Kaberle could be on the same defensive pair together! The thought of this excited Kaberle and really made him strive to be the best player he could be. Camp was tough and playing in intrasquad scrimmages against the likes of John Merrick and Jaxx Hextall really was an eye opener for Kaberle. The VHL truly boasts the fastest, strongest and most talented players from all over the world. Sure, Kaberle was thrilled to make it this far, but now he has to prove WHY he belongs here. He knows his days of putting up 100 point seasons are probably in the rear view for now, but for now he just hopes to get acclimated with his new teammates. His goals this season are to be responsible defensively and to just be the best teammate he can be on and off the ice. With the Season 76 puck drop scheduled for next week, the anticipation is building. Scotty and the Legion are anxious to get this season underway and see what the VHL has in store for them!

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