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Look at all those trades! Seattle has been making moves like crazy lately, I don't think I have ever experienced anything like this in my VHL career, certainly, me being in the team after it all seems to have cooled off is a first. When the trades were announced, I went to look at my contact details. As I noticed that I did not have active NTC in my deal - I must admit that the thought about me being next to be traded came to mind. Still, I'm here and that is all that matters.


Interesting to see what happens in the near future when looking at the whole league, you would think there are some trades closer to the draft. As some teams maybe learn more about the draftees or miss out on the players they are interested in - are they simply going to trade the picks or look for ways to move up? Who knows.


Similarly, the free agency might put wheels moving. I read somewhere that this year's FA group is a good one, but I have no idea if that is accurate anymore or if it was the case in the first place. Anyways... the off-season has offered interesting and nerve-wracking moments, hopefully there are more of those coming!



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12 hours ago, Gooningitup said:

Calgary made more trades than Seattle did 😛 Riga is up close too

Trading like there is no tomorrow!


11 hours ago, Jtv123 said:

Jubis made so many trades that I lost count of lmao

Yea I did not even bother counting 😛

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