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Reylynn Reinhart Scouting Report

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Reylynn Reinhart hasn’t even played a game for the VHL or VHLM yet but she is prepared to break into the VHL in season 77. I am going to break down her pros and cons as to why she should jump ahead of the pack to become the 1st overall pick.




Dedication: Reylynn is one of the most dedicated players you will ever meet. She lives and breaths hockey. The team she is on is the team she wants to stay on. Always a team first player and doesn’t have a selfish bone in her body. If you want a fan favourite, faithful and committed player then Reylynn is your girl.


Hard work: Rey is going to prove why she is a hard worker this season. She plans on training so hard that she makes an immediate jump to the VHL after this season. She has yet to even sign with a VHLM team at the time I am writing this yet she’s already been at the gym completing every task that has been thrown at her. This woman means business so the VHL better be ready.


Two Way Play: Reylynn is about as well rounded as they come. She has the precision and skill to be a shut down defender but owns the unique quality to become an elite offensive producer when the time calls. The way she skates and handles the puck is unlike anything the VHL has seen. Typically you’re offensive, defensive or your okay at both well let me tell you that she is ELITE at both. 



Emotional: Rey has shown that she can have a bit of a mean streak on the ice. On occasion she has let her emotions get the best of her and this usually ends up with a game misconduct or even worse a suspension. Though she has a good reputation of not being messed with it does tend to get her in trouble from time to time.


That’s it. I can not find any other flaws in her game. She is going to be a top flight Defensemen in the VHL very soon. She’s extremely active, hardworking and will die for her team. So why not secure a player like this and take her at the top of the draft? This is a low risk high reward pick up and for any team that’s exactly what you want.


word count : 400

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This is well written! I like the break down of pros and cons which is something I haven’t seen much of in a scouting report to this degree. Direct and straight to the point with every little detail to her game on the ice and her personality off. I can imagine Reylynn is going to be some player very soon! 

-Tina out 

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