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(S77) RW - Vladimir, TPE: 60

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Welcome to the league @Big D!!

My name is Rory and I'm the general manger of the Halifax 21st, and we'd love to have you onboard for the S76 season. We're aiming to be a mid-table team but with players like you we can hopefully contend for the Founders Cup! Right now, we can give you second line minutes but with hard work and good earning you can see yourself move up to the first!

To accept this offer and join Halifax, quote this and say "RIDE THE WAVE"!

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Hey there @Big D welcome to the VHL! I'm thadthrasher, the General Manager of the San Diego Marlins. The VHLM just completed its draft, but you can still be signed to a team as a waiver player (a 1 season contract, then you enter the draft). Check out this video, it's meant for you!

To receive a contract offer, reply with #MarlinsTerritory


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Hello, and welcome to the VHL!


The Saskatoon Wild are in a re-tooling season, and as a result, I can offer you plenty of playing time. Top six minutes, along with power play and penalty kill minutes, are up for grabs! This will be a season in which player development takes an even bigger focus for us, and as a team with a proven track record of player development, we would love to help you be that next big prospect!


Take your time to review all the offers you get, as you very rarely get to choose where you get to play in the VHL. If Saskatoon is the place for you, quote this post and reply, "#SaskyBois!"


Best of luck to you!


- Thomas Landry

General Manager of the Saskatoon Wild 

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Welcome to the league, @Big D


I am the GM of the Houston Bulls, I can offer you 4th line minutes that can turn into 1st line minutes once the juniors open up, hopefully soon. There are a lot of teams who still have a lot of room in the main squad. So please feel free to wait and see what other offers you get.


- rjfryman

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Welcome to the VHL!


I am the GM of the Miami Marauders and we only have 4th positions available at this time. This entails only about 3-5 mins of ice a game but nonetheless Miami is an amazing place to learn the ropes of the VHL.


Other teams will be offering that may have more ice time available so I understand if you’ll wait to hear everyone out. I am always available for questions via DM. Do not hesitate to reach out.


Goodluck in your VHL career. We hope to see you out on the ice.



Miami Marauders GM

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