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Veteran - Jacques Lafontaine

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CALGARY - After last year’s loss to the surprising Chicago Phoenix, the Wranglers have decided to make some changes. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the person in net for this team. Jacques Lafontaine is one of the veterans of this Calgary Wranglers group, having played for them ever since he was drafted.


“Aw geez, I wouldn’t say veteran. That makes me seem old. But yeah, I’ve had the honour of playing with so many amazing players. From JB Rift, who was sort of a mentor when I was a fresh-faced rookie; to Sigard Gunnar, the best player I’ve ever met, truly an amazing guy and amazing scorer; my backup, but future goaltending star Vsevolod Askarov-hopefully I said it right; to even some rivals like Spyro and Hextall. It has truly been a great career. And I still have a lot more in me.” The goaltender said when asked about his favourite memory from the VHL. “I can’t wait to play against and alongside more amazing players.”


Edit: Jacques Lafontaine ended up saying this at another press conference. "Oh, and shout out to Ohradka, hahaha! I forgot to mention him but he was a great teammate and we sure as hell miss him here at Calgary. Absolute stud, and great scorer. Well, when he scores on others, not us."


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