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S76 London United Captains

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The London United are right off their first ever trip to the Continental Cup Playoffs, a trip that sadly ended in the first round.

We got a taste for blood, and now we're hungry for it. We are looking forward for these three players to show the example, both on the ice and in the locker room.





Kasper Kankkunen @16z

A new addition to the leadership group, Kankkunen was drafted by the United back in S74 and has been an incredible presence in our locker room ever since.



Alec Volchenkov @SirRupertBarnes

The first ever prospect drafted by the franchise, Alec Volchenkov has been a leader for this team on and off the ice since S73 and it was about time that we rewarded him with a letter on his jersey.



James Rose @MattyIce

The first captain in the history of the London United will retain his role for a third straight season, as one of the more vocal and helpful player on the team, but also one of our better player on the ice.




Let's get them crumpets!

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Honoured to where a letter in my second season, sure it was a hard decision with some of the other veterans on the team and didn't expect my name to be called so I really appreciate it. I'll be here all season (Forum/Discord) and will continue helping out my team but now even more! LET'S DO THIS UNITED!! :ldn: S76 HERE WE COME!!!

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I’m incredibly honoured to be named Assistant Captain. It’s not about the letter though, I just love being part of this organization and look forward to many more seasons with all of you. Let’s go do this thing boys!! This is our year! :ldn:

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