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I recreated a player for the umpteenth time. I feel like I used to know that process off by heart, but since it's on the portal now it's even easier. I remember when I created Joey Kendrick back before Season 1 and it was somewhat of a guinea pig creation for the site. I was the tenth member but volunteered in the GM Forum to go through a Create-A-Player process (only to have it deleted later because we were testing). Well it's in the mid seventies for seasons now, but I decided to go back to my roots and create another defensemen. I have created the most at that position in my history and had the most success with them in my history. Here is hoping my recreate can be a pillar for some team in the future and team up with some old faces and some new young bucks trying to carve out their legacies in the VHL. This league is very strong right now and I couldn't be more proud of how far we've come as a league, forum and tech nerds. I hope everyone is enjoying the process through the portal and it allows things to be streamlined for you. I know this eliminates some human error and gone are the days where updaters had to go into each player thread and manually approved each update. 2021 is so trendy right now...

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18 hours ago, GustavMattias said:

Just when you think you've got experience this guy rolls up with player #15 or some shit

Could be 15, I lost count and I'm too old to recall haha

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