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S76 Warsaw Predators Team Captain Announcement

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Last season saw Warsaw rise to the level of the VHL’s top teams, finishing with a team-record 89 points and a franchise-first playoff berth. With this in mind, we would be remiss to make any changes to the three young leaders that took charge in our rise in S75.



As such please join me in congratulating the player who will wear the C patch for a second straight season, and make it three straight with a captaincy role in general:



C - Dakota Lamb




Dakota Lamb set a very strong example in his inaugural season bearing the captain’s patch, and the team thrived with his leadership all the way to the second seed in the European Conference playoffs. We’re incredibly excited to have him back where he belongs, and I look forward to seeing him lead us in our transition from playoff contender to cup contender!



And next up, returning for her third consecutive year as an alternate captain, we have:



A - Aloe Dear




Aloe Dear has continued to provide a steady hand for Warsaw and played a big part in our jump in performance last season. Now entering her third season playing on Warsaw’s first line, she will continue to make a big impact on our squad as an alternate captain!



Lastly, also returning to the alternate captain role, in this case for their second consecutive season, we have:



A - Victor Grachev




Also joining the team in our first draft in Season 73, Grachev has continued to be an exemplary leader both on and off the ice. We’re very excited to have been able to lock up Grachev long term, and we look forward to seeing how he performs in his second season as an alternate captain for us!



Congrats to our three captains, I know you’ll do a great job leading us through this season!


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So many good people on this team, happy I'm not the one who has to choose just 3 of them to wear letters. Happy to represent this club once again by donning the C! Congrats to Grach and Dear on their A's, and LETS WIN A CUP:muffbeav:

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