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Where would Joe madison like to go on vacation?


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Man, it's been a long, long, LONG year. Joe is really sick of looking at the same walls of my house for days and days on end. Oh how he would love to be able to go on vacation right now. Where would Joe Madison go? Well the answer to that is quite easy actually. He would love to travel around Europe and the British Isles. Especially France, Italy, England, and Germany. He would love to be able to go visit these places with my family. In Fact he was asked just the other day by an interviewer where he would go on vacation if he could and this is what he said:


    I've always wanted to be able to travel the world and see different places and cultures. France has always been high up there on my list. There are so many different things to be able to see and visit while you are there. It's like endless possibilities of fun and adventure. I would love to be able to see the Eiffel tower or the arc de triomphe. Maybe even attempt to use the small amount of french that I actually know (trust me it's not much). I think overall would be just such a fun experience especially going with my family.

     Italy has also always been on my want to travel list. It just has such gorgeous architecture, wonderful food and an amazing culture to experience. It has such a variety of different things to offer to visitors that would be considered tourist attractions but it also has so much more that is not considered a tourist attraction but is absolutely beautiful to go and see and experience. I obviously want to be able to go see things like Rome and the coliseum. But one place I really would love to go see is Lake Como up in northern Italy. It would be absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful place to stay for a few nights.

     England again has always been a place I've wanted to travel. I mean there is just so much to do and explore with its rich history as well. From Big Ben to Stonehenge and everything else along the way. England is a country with so many fun and cool places to see and explore that I could honestly spend my entire vacation just there if I really wanted too. I would love to also be able to go see Ireland as well while I am overseas. I would love to be able to visit The Cliffs of Moher as they seem very beautiful to go and see.

    Last but not least I would love to go and visit Germany. In my personal opinion, Germany is so underrated when it comes to where to visit in Europe. I think it has just absolutely gorgeous architecture and would just be such a wonderful place to be able to travel around and see. Something I have always wanted to do in Germany is to go see some of the beautiful castles. They just are so fascinating to me.

    Well I mean I can fantasize all I want about going to these places but they will stay fantasies for a while. But when the world comes back around to a normal state man Joe Madison will be off to Europe with the snap of a finger.


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