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Riley's Holiday to Paris


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Riley Couture was starting to get a lot of burn out from playing so many games in a row and non-stop training, she could feel herself getting more lethargic and exhausted both mentally and physically. As much as she wanted to deny it, to keep training, keep playing, she couldn't. She had to accept it, it was time for a vacation. But where should she go to visit? She had a big decision to make with many many choices.

Riley got out her tourism booklet and looked through the pictures of where she could go. Maybe a tropical beach where she could relax and sunbathe? Maybe a huge city where she could go shopping and buy products that she wouldn't find in Calgary? Maybe she could visit the countryside and go camping? So many options.

In the end, after many hours of consideration, Riley decided that she wanted to visit  Paris as there are many attractions there that she would like to see. Riley booked her tickets, went to bed and then waited for the day of her holiday to come around. On the day of her flight, Riley packed her bags and left in a taxi to take her to the airport, where she got into business class on her flight to France. On the plane, she watched a bunch of shows on the screen in front of her and she was served a ravioli dish with lots of cheese. It was very delicious and perfect to eat before taking a nap.

Once Riley got to Paris she set her sights straight for the river seine cruise boats. She wanted to ride along the river get a good look at the sites. The tour guide gave lots of information over the speakers as Riley sat back and relaxed on the floaty boat. Of course, she would enjoy a boat journey as the AGM of the boat gang itself, Halifax 21st.The ride was very calming for Riley and when she got off she made her way over to the park where the Eiffel tower is.

Riley walked around the park, enjoying the large patches of grass, the tall bushes and pretty trees as she looked for a spot to sit down and eat a sandwich. She got sat near the hedge as she tucked into her picnic. Very nice and cheesy for her to enjoy. After lunch she got a better look at the tower, though she decided not to go up because it was very crowded, she liked seeing the incredible structure from the bottom.

Riley really enjoyed her vacation in Paris, whilst she was there she also visited the Louvre museum where she loved to see all of the fantastic and genius paintings. She also visited some restaurants and gift shops. From her trip as a souvenir, she picked up a simple 'I ❤️ Paris' shirt and a small keyring that looked in the shape of the Eiffel tower, she attached it to the zipper on her suit case before heading back home. She felt much more relaxed now and ready to do her training once again.

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