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Isau's Mid-Season Update


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Isau’s Mid-Season Update  


The VHL season is about 66% done and it’s time to reflect on where Isau has been and perhaps a glimpse about where he is going.  To give things some perspective, Isau is a rookie in the VHL with the Riga Reign.  Initially he was playing a large number of minutes, but due to a recent trade @hedgehog337 that brought several elite level players to the team @Zetterberg @Cxsquared @fever95, his TOI has necessarily decreased. Understandably, the trade was perpetrated in order to vault the Reign into a wild card spot.  The Reign is currently on the outside looking in with London United occupying the wild card spot.  The Reign hopefully will take over this spot, but catching the Prague Phantoms for 4th, a 16 point deficit, with 19 games left, seems insurmountable.


As far as Isau is concerned, last season in the VHLM, after 72 games played Isau had 19 Goals, 31 Assists and 58 Hits. He accidentally had a fight that season as well. After 53 Games Played with the Reign, Isau has scored 20 Goals and has 27 Assists. So, there has been significant growth.  But as alluded to above, this is with 190 more minutes played at this time as compared to the minutes played for the entirety of last season.  Isau has also become more physical registering 90 hits and getting into 2 fights, miraculously winning one !   At this time, in conjunction with the Reign training staff, Isau is trying to become more defensively responsible.  Overall, quite a good start !!    



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