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Chess tournament


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One day in February I was bored and decided to go browse through the forum and saw a special post: VHL CHESS TOURNEY.  I figured that I could join just because I had nothing else to do, so I did and got invited to the discord server by @Ricer13 and joined. 


After playing 4-5 group games and winning them all, I was surprised because I thought I was a lot rustier at chess so I wondered how far I could reach with my very little experience of a 4th-grade chess lesson, after reading some of the chats that happened there I saw that @hedgehog337 was some serious competition and decided to challenge him, I GOT REKT.  Because I had nothing else to do I decided to borrow a chess book from the library where I live and started reading it.  I learned some basic strategies and some moves that I thought were weird for example the ''En passant'' where if a pawn moves 2 squares and ends up next to another pawn the pawn that didn't move could capture the other pawn diagonally even while the pawn that moved was right beside it, (I know my explaining sucks lol).

So after some reading and some games against random people I went on to gather a winning streak in my group games, I completed the group undefeated but I still have one goal left in this tournament which is to beat @hedgehog337 in the semis, the playoffs start on Monday so I'm very excited to see how that plays out, to prepare for that game I have analyzed his game a lot and found what he tends to do in certain situations.

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