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Traveling the World & Free Agency


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Warsaw, Poland - Though many travel to places with semi-tropical temperatures and plenty of beaches, Warsaw Predators forward Aloe Dear has different priorities – namely spending time with her wonderful friend and former VHLM teammate Venus Thightrap. Thankfully, the young Danish player, in the midst of just her third season, hasn’t really needed to travel far to get home. After all, Denmark has just a tiny fraction of the Baltic Sea between it and Poland – or she can travel up through Germany back home. The journey is a bit tougher for Thightrap, who plays for the Vancouver Wolves way over in west Canada.


It’s not particularly practical to travel back and forth between Europe and Canada on a weekly basis – though somehow the VHL does it every week for inter-conference games – and so a portion of Aloe’s vacation is spent with some friends on the team like Lexi Glass. From sipping wine in France to taking a siesta in Spain, everything seems to be sunbathing weather in comparison to Denmark in central and southern Europe. On a week out with the girls, Thightrap, Glass, and Dear sought out landmarks in England (while trying to avoid the traffic in London!), driving cars at abnormally fast speeds in Germany, and taking riding lessons at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Thankfully, as they’re both relatively early in their careers, Thightrap and Dear aren’t particularly well-recognized outside of Denmark and their respective teams’ countries – though as a world champion last season, Venus will occasionally get recognized on the street.


On the American side of things, the duo spends much of their time exploring the States and their oddly warm temperatures – though admittedly most of their time is spent in the likes of California, New York, and Florida (mostly for Disney World, let’s be honest). Were there some kind of global pandemic on, Florida would probably be a pretty scary place to be – but with a new Star Wars park and plenty of old classic characters to see, it’s not surprising that Aloe would try and drag Venus here for a handful of days. Their most highly anticipated activity, of course, was going to EPCOT and assessing the accuracy of their Denmark mini-town and hopping into the igloo (that’s still totally there) to test world sodas.


Ultimately, Aloe wants to spend some time at home in Denmark this off-season; after spending the last couple of seasons on the grind, including most days in Warsaw or in other teams’ practice facilities for planned camps, even being just a country or two from home is enough to make one homesick. With free agency on the horizon, Aloe will almost certainly want some time to herself and her family to help her make an important career decision. Since Poland is so close to home already, it’s clear that the Predators will be an extremely high spot on her list of priorities – but a little input from her family will obviously hold significant sway even beyond that.


Long story short? Plenty of quality time with valued friends like Lexi and Venus, plus some family time during the critical free agency period.

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