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Kristof Welch's Valentine Confession


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Képtalálatok a következőre: Bálint-nap


It's that time of year where love and romance is in the air, and Kristof Welch is no different. Some could say he's a diehard romantic, but in simpler terms Welch would rather call himself someone who just wants to give his entire heart to that special someone who strikes him right in his heart.


Usually, for Valentine's Day, Kristof likes to start off the day with making his special someone breakfast in bed with a warm cup of coffee, and following it up by spending the afternoon baking some delicious snickerdoodle cookies. After that, the options are endless. Museums? He's a connoisseur of the arts. Long walk on the beach? Cliche, but everyone loves it deep down. Sit down and watch Netflix all day? Well, it is still COVID times, so he's down for a chill day.


However, at the end of the day, it's undebatable that he will cook you a fresh steak dinner on a candle lit dinner and some red wine. There's nothing quite as romantic at the end of the day than a giant slab of meat and some classy alcohol to chat the night away to.


You might be wondering why this is titled a confession?


That is because I want to do everything above with that special someone that hit me recently with their cupid's arrow.


@BOOM, how does this sound and better yet, will you be my Valentine? 😍


I patiently await your answer with open arms and an open heart 💘

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