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Kruul Dreams of Vacation


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Kruul Dreams of Vacation


Its been a long time since I've had a vacation. When I think about my life - my traumatic experiences with primates such as Gorillas, Monkeys, Apes, and all sorts of other animals allied with them, I really can't think about anywhere that is warm or has a lot of bananas. I'm normally fond of aquatic, swampy environments, and I'm a big fan of sunbathing, so maybe somewhere like Florida or Louisiana would be a good place for me. I could really catch some sun and maybe take a good mudbath or two. I think one of the biggest appeals is also the variety of foodstuffs that I could consume. Both places are not only near swamp but the ocean as well, and I'd love to get me some fresh seafood. Being stuck in the north fishing is a rare treat - especially if you are looking to catch not freshwater fish, and having to dig a hole in the ice is a total bore. I'm also sick and tired of eating healthy, I hate hate bananas and the amount that have been put into things like smoothies and protein shakes have been enough to last me for a lifetime. Give me meat! Give me fried foods. Give me carbs! I'm a big man. I'm trying to hit the weight room. I wanna stop just going for protein and add in some fat and just do a giant bulky fat day. I wanna be like fat thor from the avengers. 


If I were thinking of going somewhere that's further away from North America, I think the place I want to go to is Japan. As a part time scientist and inventor, I would love to see some of the cutting edge technology that Japan has had - especially in the fields of robotics. I've seen their animated cartoons and their obsession with mechs, and it would be great to see some of that and incorporate that into my design. Another reason I'd like to go there is to really learn about their vending machine culture. I think that something that the States don't have enough is top end vending machines that serve meals and stuff. The Japanese truly have some amazing variety of goods in their vending machines, even though there machines look much older than some of ours. I think that we could really learn a lot from them and I would love to start my own vending machine business. I've seen a lot of those on TikTok and they look great for generating passive income when I'm retired. 


If I'm going to Asia, I would love to tour the Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Semiconductors are quickly becoming the most important piece of technology that we are in need of in our era, as well as better batteries in general. Sometimes, I think that we are already where we need to be from a software perspective. We are currently only limited by engineering and hardware, and that's kind of a scary proposition. We really need to invest in making breakthroughs in that regard, and if there's anything I can do to help I'd love to be able to do so. Also, everytime I watch their street food on youtube, I just want to eat all day. I think for Taiwan my favorite would either be their crispy fried chicken or beef noodle soup. In Korea, I definitely want to get some street tteokbokki or eat all the varieties of haemul pajeon that I can find. I can already envision the foods in my mind as I'm blogging about this. 


Anyway, that's about it for me this week! Thanks for reading! 





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