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I Want MOORE Vacation: Logan Moore in Tokyo


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After the end of last season, Logan Moore was thinking of an interesting place to go on vacation. He grew up in a small town in Illinois, and was ready to feel a different environment for once. He got his wish, and he ended up going to Tokyo where he saw a bunch of cool sights. As he was roaming around the city with his girlfriend while weird ads of Japanese Cartoons flashed brightly into his eyelids, he wanted to post on social media the favorite things he did in Tokyo.


                                                                                                    FAVORITE FOODS IN TOKYO:

Logan was a big fan of Tempura, it was a like a mix of seafood and vegetables. He said it really reminded himself of the food his mom made when he was younger, and it gave him nostalgia as he bit into every inch of the food.



                                                                                             FAVORITE PART ABOUT THE CITY:


He said the lights were definitely the best part of the experience. Walking around the city as the lights shined down on him, with their various colors lighting up the night in neon. The big screens broadcasting advertisements and other various things. He noted that there was an ad that actually showcased a hockey player in it, so he felt at him with that. 


                                                                                          SOUVENIRS THAT HE GATHERED:


Logan Moore was enthralled by the souvenirs in Tokyo. He found a bunch of those white cats with the paw up, and his girlfriend found them very cute. So obviously since his girlfriend found it adorable he had to buy about 100 different versions of them. (she's kind of persistent on buying things she finds adorable and it's causing Logan to go bankrupt.) She also made him buy this Hello Kitty plushie that had a cute patrol officer outfit on. Logan then said "Okay that's enough!" and he bought some things for himself. He looked for something that most related to hockey. He bought a pin that had a mascot, which I think is from the olympics one year. It's a cat looking creature with blue squares and an aqua color stick. He also found another olympic related thing, which was a Japan jersey for the olympics. 




                                                                                           WORST THING ABOUT THE VACATION:


It was the language barrier for Logan. He spent the entire plane ride looking at different Japanese Learning Books and he just couldn't grasp the language at all. He said he would rather learn how to lift monster trucks on his back. Every-time he would try to read a sign, he would squint at it for like 2 minutes, and the locals gave him peculiar stares probably thinking something along the lines of "Wow, look at that dumb American!" Logan mistakenly said a very preposterous word to a waiter and he was then slapped right across the face and forced out of the restaurant. Soooo yeah, not a great part of his trip, but he still made it work. 



                                                                                           SUMMARY OF THE VACATION


The whole slap in the face thing was really bad, but everything else just makes the whole experience better. Logan Moore would have to give this vacation a 9.5/10!


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