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Do MattyIce and James Rose vacation together... or separate?


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James Rose has stayed put in London since being picked up in the season 73 expansion draft, but he has vacationed elsewhere.  He has his own line of jewelry and since the endorsement, his vacation destinations (besides the offseason Pro-Am tournaments) have been pretty low-key.  He doesn't talk much about his travels or the places he's been, he's more of a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.


MattyIce however, has been quite busy and involved in scouting, serving as an agent, managing as an assistant in Houston and now London, and will be on the hunt soon for his next player to represent in the VHL.  Although he's been quite involved and busy, unlike Rose (the player he represents), he can do his job remotely in parallel to working on site.  He has seen many places and perhaps now is the time where they divulge such information.


"Not gonna lie, we do hang out in the offseason together" said MattyIce in a recent interview.  "From the moment the season ends for London, we begin planning a vacation together.  It involves the Pro-Am and afterwards, our go-to spot for the past two seasons has been the Cayman Islands.  For Rose, coming from Canada where it snows and playing in London where it rains, the Caribbean destination is a welcome spot for him to just unwind and enjoy the downtime."


Local London sports media caught up with Rose to ask him about it: "Oh yeah, that's our spot!  They have right-hand drive cars like here in London which is pretty cool, and the food is pretty great too.  I just get to relax for a while before training camp starts so I can focus on myself for a bit.  Last season, a few members of my family and my buddy from the SHL Sonata Diamante came down too and we all had a great time.  We just keep it real and simple, we also manage our bank accounts here so we can secure our future, so it's been pretty great vacationing here.  MattyIce found a great resort that's close to the beach and George Town, so we get to see most of what the Grand Cayman Island has to offer."


When asked about other spots they've been or planning to go to, they remained pretty tight-lipped.


"All I'm going to say is I do plan of going home at some point" said Rose, "I'm from Montreal like MattyIce and it's my home base.  I have ties there and my folks are still busy with life over there.  I just love the Cayman Islands so much, might make a real estate investment at some point, maybe live there as well in the future."  MattyIce chimed in afterwards: "Yeah, I've been around, I loved Amsterdam too.  Greece was pretty cool as well, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is on my list of future spots to visit among many others.  The suckiest places weather-wise is where I seem to find some attractive talent, don't go to Siberia, haha.  Although we go to the Cayman Islands together, there's other places I want to visit, I haven't had much time to visit South America, only been to Rio de Janeiro.  Chile is on the list for sure"



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