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Laine Theme

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I absolutely love this, gave me a good chuckle! Laine’s face is perfect for this image. The palm trees in the back, the text, the coloring, it’s all really great! I have really no complaints or positive criticism for this. I think you hit it out of the ballpark with this! Well done!


Score: 10/10

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I really like this graphic a lot. First off you nailed the theme for the Theme Week, so that's a great job as I would imagine its harder to get a theme across in a graphic rather than a written media spot.  too. The picture of Laine with the shades is perfect for this. I also love the background with the palm trees and the warm colors. It all comes together very nicely. I also think the font you chose looks really nice. I guess if I had to critique anything, I'd say maybe you could have added something to the font to make it pop a bit more, but that's just a flavor thing, it's an awesome job overall. 8.5/10

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Love it! The graphic definitely is a little meme worthy given Laine's face. I really like the idea of how the render is blended in however to me the contrast is too large between the render and the background. In addition, it's a slight tweak that I would personally make would be to lower the render slightly as his head tends to stick out too much as it's very noticeable how much is missing. 9/10!

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