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TPE II Talks The Big League Experience


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"Getting into the big league might sounds like the 'ending' for all the aspired pros out there, especially the younglings with such dreams, but let me tell you, it's merely the beginning of a grind. Life is ultimately not a movie, even though life did inspired a lot of those, and the end credit doesn't roll when you come up in the big league. You have to play to stay here, in a very cutthroat environment. If you are slightly older and not as good anymore? You gone. If you can't play well even if you are young? You gone. Have some kind of diva attitude but without the skill to back it up? You gone."


"To a lower tier player like me, and yes I am fully acknowledging that I am at the bottom part of the 99th percentile of Earth's population in hockey skill, it's all about playing your best and 'survive' in the league. I already had years in the development league to get here and I am not going to call it quit here, but everyone else are not quitters. Sometime, you can work the best you can ever work, but it's just not enough. And then you are gone. Everyday I am ready to be cut, and everyday I work hard to survive. I think it adds to the thrill of playing in the big league, as survival instinct helps one out more often than not, but the big league is not easy and one better be ready to work hard everyday to play in this league. I am still here fighting for my survival everyday and hopefully I can keep myself useful for a long enough time to be proud of myself."


"We will see."

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