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Idea for my next VHL player


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I still have like 5 seasons with Luke Thornton, but it never hurts to think ahead in the future. It will also probably be my last VHL player in this since I will be out of college and in the working market once my next player retires.


So right now, his name will be Daniel Weaver. *I SWEAR TO GOD IF SOMEONE STEALS THIS NAME!

I think that's a dope ass name and it sounds so well.


His number is gonna be #77. I don't know why, but it looks good on him.


He will be like Cole Caufield in my imagination for height and weight.


I am one of those odd people out who does not follow what everyone else does with their builds. I guess it's gonna be my first and last build where I actually hop on the train and be like every god damn people with their builds. Pure scorer winger 'cuz fuck FO. Waste of good TPE.


I'm gonna force my way back to Calgary no matter what lmao. If Ricer ends up becoming Malmo GM, I might like to go there as well for my last player.


I'm not planning to play any VHLM game until the draft. So please do not draft me in the draft 'cuz I don't want it to be mentionned in my player page. If you do, I won't even spend my TPE at all until I go to the team I want. 


Yeahhhhhh cuhhhh. This gonna be toxic you dig.


Lastly, it would be cool to finish off at the top of my class in TPE. I should be leading my class right now, but because of a 3 week ban. I'm out of the race for good. And what do you know, by coincidence Quik is the one in top, SURPRISE. Ha


Hittingg 1.5k TPE somehow would be lit.


So yeah goodbye

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