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Zod's off-season trip


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A couple of seasons ago, General Zod hit free agency. He was mulling over offers from numerous teams, and he got the pleasure to visit each and every one of them during the decision making process. Zod was amazed at the beauty of some of these cities. The only city he had ever played in on his time on Earth was Calgary, as well as a minor league stint with the Las Vegas Aces. Zod wanted to share his favorite parts about each of the cities he visited.



Seattle was a beautiful city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Washington. Zod really loved the space needle. He said it reminded him of buildings in his home planet, Krypton, but those were much, much higher. Zod also loved the Seattle wine tours, and he always amazed the other people on the tours because he would never get drunk. Zod enjoyed a relaxing trip, as the Bears pitched to him their offers. As a General, Zod makes sure he works hard all the time to try to be better than others, and for them to kneel before him. However, this time he decided to lay back a little bit, and just enjoyed himself for his few days in Seattle.



The city of London is a very nice city, but the people there infuriated Zod. There foolish accents and goofy looking teeth triggered Zod's military instincts, and had to be held back by his agents. He also got stabbed three times while trying to take subways, but luckily it didn't even leave much of a scratch on Zod. He enjoyed the many tourist attractions, such as the Big Ben, and he also got to meet Queen Elizabeth. The biggest drawback for Zod was the annoying people, as well as the lack of sunlight in the city. Zod said that if he had a military to back him up, British people would be his first target.



Vancouver was a very beautiful city, much like Seattle. They had beautiful coastal and mountain views all across the city, and he just enjoyed the vibe. Zod got to meet numerous members of the VHL there as well, since for some reason everyone in the VHL happens to be a Canucks fan. He had a pleasant time in Vancouver, but it didn't compare to how grand of a time he had in this European small town.



Davos was by far Zod's favorite place to visit during his free agent discussions. They had incredible mountains surrounding the small town in Switzerland, and he went skiing alongside GM Gustav multiple times as they discussed contract ideas. He liked the small town vibe, but the skiiing is really what sold Zod on loving Davos. It was a beautiful place, but he ultimately decided against packing his bags permanently and moving to Davos.


Even with all these beautiful cities, Zod still decided to stick with Calgary. Calgary doesn't really have good tourist attractions at all. Even people who live in Calgary tell travelers they are better off skipping it and going elsewhere. But, Zod didn't care. Zod doesn't need a beautiful city in order to play hockey. All Zod needs are a pair of skates and a piece of wood. Doesn't even need to be a stick, he can carve it into one that suits him.


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