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LOL is not done laughing yet


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Lucifer Olivier Leveque is showing off his skills each and every game, as one of the most dominant defenders in the league. Just shy of being in the top 10 already, just in his second year in the league, and Leveque is showing just why you do not sleep on him. But outside of his dominance, he is a very personable person too. Leveque is a go out and live life type of person, he likes to live in the moment, be in the moment, and most importantly, have fun. 


Leveque is a prankster as well, and is quite frequently pranking his teammates, coaching staff and so on. But everyone seems to take it in good stride, no one seems to hold a grudge and everyone seems to enjoy one another's company, so this is good. 


With so many years left in the league, this is just the shorter part of his career, Leveque is looking to improve immediately ASAP, the sooner the better. Getting over a point per game pace as a defender is his goal, but we shall see if he can achieve it. 

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