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A few seasons ago, Leveque only had one thing on his mind...where was he going to play in the minors? It was such an innocent time for him, he had little to no worries, he was happy just having little worry and little concern, and when he landed in the lap of his agents team, San Diego, things just seemed to click. He ended up becoming one of the most dominant forces for that team, winning himself a few individual awards and helping the team make the semi-finals in his final year on the team. 


After graduating, like many rookies, the uncertainty kicked in. Was he going to be good enough? Was he going to be able to find that same groove in the major leagues? Was his GM going to think the same of him if he didn't? Thankfully, Leveque's agent knew the GM quite well, the two went way back, as @Banackock was his boss prior to moving on from the job and the two have always had good talks. With this momentum and good vibes going into his rookie season, Leveque was able to really put on quite a show early on, and while the pace slowed down a bit, the mentality and the fun he had is unforgettable with this team. 


So what is it like now being a non-rookie on the team? Honestly... exactly the same. Leveque still has his own set of standards he holds himself to, and he was recently assigned to become the teams assistant captain. The Seattle Bears are much more than a team, they are a family. The amount of time spent with the team is almost more than some of the players spend with their actual families, so a lot of us are very close. No single person is looked at solely for pressure situations or anything of the such ,we all pull our weight, our input is acknowledged, our feedback too, and the GM and coaching staff really come together to make the train work. 


Overall, this is an excellent place to be, the presence that Leveque brings is just bring there, being active, being present and offering advice where he can, if there is room to improve, he will voice his opinion, and thankfully since the locker room is a safe place, he is never judged for his recommendations, they are validated and not just pushed away. This speaks wonders on the team, and Leveque is loving every single second of it. 

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