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Jivere Zolnek Takes A Vacation


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Jivere Zolnek Takes A Vacation




It has been an extremely rough year for just about everyone -- but rookie Jivere Zolnek has had the compounding effect of a Covid world in addition to a rough rookie season where he was barely prepared for the long VHL seasons. Having played in 54 games, Zolnek has only recorded eight points -- a similar output to his defensively oriented output while in the VHLm. Having played in Philadelphia, he has been more adjusted to colder environments however Vancouver was on another level. With two weeks to vacation in the middle of the season, Jivere made sure to make the most of it. He created an extremely detailed plan on how to maximize his time. Knowing that he would have to return to the cold environment and perform right away, he wanted to return to the cold towards the end of his vacation. Thus, starting off his vacation he decided that he would want to go to the warmth and took a vacation to the beaches. 



Trying to determine the best place to go on vacation was difficult in what I am imagining as a post-covid world. Knowing that he only had a modest amount of time, he wanted to make sure that he could maximize his time on the beach. Instead of taking a longer trip to Cabo or Florida, Zolnek decided to go to the beaches near Los Angeles to maximize his time in the sun. Finding the perfect mix between the heat as well as a great city. With plenty of night life, Zolnek truly made sure that his time was not wasted, but he was definitely wasted. Spending the majority of his rookie contract on buying drinks and tables, Zolnek would end up waking up extremely late nearly every afternoon and would find that he had to turn his morning workouts into late evening workouts in order to maximize his time in the sun. His time in the warmth was great, however given that he was a hockey player he could only spend so much time being baked by the heat. He needed to find his way back into the cold in order to prepare for the second half of the season in Vancouver.




Taking a private jet from LA to Whistler is something few could even dream of, not even just experience. Zolnek took his private jet from beautiful Los Angeles and started his skiing trip immediately. Having been on the ice often, Zolnek had amazing strength and legs however given his high stress lifestyle he barely afforded himself time to ski prior to this weekend. Struggling at first, Zolnek would struggle at first (as per usual with him) however as time went on he became extremely advanced and started hanging out with former X-games contestants while on the slopes. The vacation as a whole was needed, especially given how Covid just ended (in this scenario) and given the grueling nature of the season. Zolnek cannot wait to be able to take an actual vacation following the end of the season -- which hopefully will be pushed back due to a very long playoff run!

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