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Garsh Heads to France


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Veteran Vancouver Wolves defenseman Griff Manzer’s agent Garsh was seen at the Vancouver International Airport, preparing to board a flight to France.  When asked if the trip was for work or for fun Garsh said:


 “I reckon it will be a little of column A and a little of column B.  Nothing is official yet, but I expect I will be able to make a massive announcement in the coming week, possibly as early as Monday.  I’ve never been to France before, so even if nothing pans out, I can still drink some nice wine and see some sights.  Not a bad situation to be in if I’m honest.”


It’s rumored that Manzer will soon be officially announcing his retirement, which would free up Garsh’s time to work with a new player.  France is not a county that sees a lot of VHL players compared to others in Europe, but a few manage to crop up here and there.  If Garsh is signing a new player, it will be interesting to see if they are similar in play style to Griff or if it’s something completely different.

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