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The end of a era is nearing for the Canadian teams


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Since season 70 each of the Canadian VHL teams have had a goalie with a first name that starts with a J and all of them would go on to be the defacto starter for each of their respective teams. Each of them have been in their teams organization season 70 and by season 72 they all became the starters, 5 seasons later and this era is coming to an end. Jimmy Spyro was drafted back in season 69, the 18th overall pick by the Vancouver Wolves and as the VHL has a eight season limit, Spyro is at the end of the line for his career in the league. He will be force to retire no matter his choice. 


For Jacques Lafontaine he has made the tough decision to retire a season early. He was drafted 4th overall in season 70 by the Calgary Wranglers, so he could play in season 77 but he has made up his mind. That brings us to Jaxx Hextall, the only one of the three that we know will be playing in season 77. Drafted 9th overall in season 70 by Davos, the only one not to be drafted by the Canadian team he would end up playing for. Traded for slightly after the draft he's been there ever since. He reached out to Hextall for any comment on Spyro and Lafontaine both leaving the league after this season. "I was shocked honestly, I had heard the rumors and was hoping they weren't true but he's made the choice and I can respect him for that. I'll miss both of them greatly and hope to play against them in another league. For fans of the Legion know I plan on playing in the next season..... but brace yourself as there is a chance it may not be with the Legion... that's all I'll say for now."


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@DarkSpyro @SlapshotDragongonna miss you guys >-<

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Much love you guys! It’s been a great career and a long rivalry for us all but I wouldn’t have changed a second if it. 

LaFo you should be in the HoF no problem and it has been a blast since day 1 in the M to have you as my rival. @SlapshotDragon


Give em hell for one last season bro!! We will see you on the other side of retirement but until then we are rooting for you next season!

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