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theme week: Vacation for rivals


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With the knowledge that both Lafontaine and Spyro will be gone after this season, Hextall has apparently planned a trip for his Canadian team rivals. He said it would a kind of going away party for them. "I think we'd start with a bit of a staycation at my place, play some more old school multiplayer games like we did before, play them on my big screen TV, order in food, watch some movies, that kinda stuff. That would be for 2 to 3 days and then we'd leave on a plane to Orlando Florida, on that plane ride I was thinking we'd play some Mario Party DS or any other kind of multiplayer DS games. In Orlando it should be no surprise where we go! To Disney World obviously! I have a five day trip planned for us their but also some extra free days to visit other locations in Florida, like Miami and Tampa bay. Take in the sights and smells and see the Ocean! I want to make sure we visit each of the four parks, spending most of if not the whole day there, and revisit any that we feel we didn't get to experience enough on the fifth day. There is also the water park that we would have to split on the fifth day. There are tons of rides there and while I wouldn't expect us to ride on every single one I'd like to cover a large number of them."


Hextall Said he'd happily cover 70% of the costs but would expect his rivals to chip in to. The four parks at Disney World are Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. As Hextall noted to their is the water park. Trust us when we say there is more than enough there to keep you busy for five days, he said he booked them at the closest hotel. "After roughly a week in Disney World I booked us for a trip to Hawaii, seeing as at Disney world we'll always be walking and doing something I wanted to bring us somewhere more relaxing after. Enjoy the water, the sun and hit some waves if we feel like it. I have us staying there for a little less than a week, I haven't been to Hawaii before so it would be a new experience for me. Now I do have stuff planned there, not just rest and relaxation the whole time, do some diving, hiking, golfing, ziplining and a helicopter ride. There's other things we can do there as well, I think the three of us will decide what we wanna do when were finally their."


"After all of that we will finally head back home, making stops at each of their home towns or cities to say goodbye. I know it will be really sad when it's all over but that's just like our hockey careers, they have to end eventually. I hope we could do this during the off season, it would be special and something we never forget."


(Word count 508)


@DarkSpyro @SlapshotDragon hope you like it.

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Man. So much to do and see. Can’t wait for the trip! I think I still have my old DSi XL somewhere. Disney World, plus other Florida cities if we have time, and Hawaii sounds awesome! Also, I’ll help cover half of the cost if you’d like. We may make millions but I’d hate to make you pay for all of this! @ROOKIE745

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I like what you did here! It's a pretty simple, easy-to-read media spot. I think the addition of some pictures would help tell the story a bit, but sometimes going incredibly simple can be effective. Overall, well done my friend! 9/10!

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