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My Season Point Task - Theme Week - Vacations

Fire Fletcher

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John LeClair II is no stranger to vacations. Growing up as the son of a famous hockey player, John was afforded the opportunity to not only travel across North America during his father's NHL playing career, but he was also able to go abroad when LeClair senior was playing for Team USA. Because of this, John was able to go on a good number of trips that many people his age wouldn't be able to go to, both at that current point in time and also throughout their entire lives. With that said, there are still a couple of destinations that John LeClair II wouldn't mind traveling to.


Cruising Alaska

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I know some people hate them, but what's not to like about a cruise? Generally speaking, you don't have to worry about transportation once you're on the ship (excursions may be a different story, but almost all of them have something available at port), and it's the type of vacation where you're able to spend all of your time just doing what you want to do. You can canoe Ketchikan, walk around Juneau, and enjoy Glacier Bay! The best part is that while you're doing all of this in the summer, it's probably no warmer than 75 degrees. On the boat, there's tons of things for you to do - plenty of gambling, indulging in adult beverages, comedy shows, plays, movies, and just general relaxation. This is definitely the type of trip John LeClair II would like to do during the off-season.


Touring Europe

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This trip is a much more broad "big picture" trip given it's touring a continent and not a specific country or specific state in the US, but after retirement, there are a lot of places that John LeClair II would like to visit. Everywhere from the Scottish Highlands, London, Paris, Munich, and Alsace-Lorraine would be interesting. Some of these places are cultural landmarks, some are tied to family history, some are interesting from a world history standpoint, and many of them are some combination of all three! At the end of the day, by "touring Europe", John would be able to see a more culturally diverse area and group of people than he would by traveling through a similar area in the United States. At some point, LeClair II may be able to represent Team USA in the World Cup, so some of these places may be able to be knocked off the list while playing.


Disney World

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Who doesn't love going to Disney World? Actually, apparently a good number of people don't, but that's a story for a different day. Whether you're going as a child, with young children, or just with adults, Disney World has a bit to do for everyone. Kids obviously love meeting the characters and seeing the different themed areas, but as adults, there are some pretty good food choices and "higher end" establishments to visit as well, all while keeping the Disney theme. Of course, there are the classic rides, such as "It's a Small World", "Pirates of the Carribean", "Space Mountain", and "Splash Mountain", but the theme park is continuing to add different rides that give you a different experience than the last time you visited. Even though as adults you might have aged out of some of the experiences, there is always something magical about visiting Disney!


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A fun list of places, I can definitely recommend coming to Europe and all the different cultures and landscapes it has to offer! It's interesting that you mention Cruises because they are one of those things that you kinda have to hate nowadays in a lot of social circles, but as someone who has never done one I still find them intriguing and would like to try one, especially one that takes me up North to a place like Alaska or Scandinavia. Formatting for the article was good enough and good the job done just well.



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