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VHLM Fantasy Zone (S76W5)

lil OG z

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Hello and welcome to week five of VHLM Fantasy Zone, where you - Select the four teams you think will win for a chance to win 2 uncapped TPE and get another chance to win another 1 uncapped TPE by guessing the right score to one of the games. Good luck everyone! May the Fantasy Gods be with you!!🤞


This is only for VHLM players.

Submit your answers by clicking this link --> Questionnaire 

 Check submitted questionnaires here --> Response List


@VHLMGM @Abe Roque @OrbitingDeath @Mr_Hatter @ATST @Joshothegreat @Alex Bridges @rjfryman@Jbeezy76 @bluesfan55 @Ricer13@IHateBobNutting@NotSoGood88@capogna @djpeterson@Ty343 @Telkster @weekz @Eldredman @Deadlyjester @TXC @Viperxhawks19 @Max12 @drewowo @CptSquall @Kendrick @Lochlan Chisholm @2hawk @Noxalpha @Webberj @WebberP @RicoTheTrapGod @LilHCorny @Trunkxolotl @TheOGShark @Frank @Strider @Mashy @Ryan Li @Midnite @PandaBearD25 @BrutalBoost @TacticalHammer @aksuko @Parriyah9374 @Barry @VOID Stiles @Jolline @Bojovnik @Owen Taylor @Tbeez99 @Cornholio @Slick @Senjo1706 @Gally @HatrickRoy @HoneyBadger25 @Spartakiller2  @Toast @Lilpfigher @MGreenie @efiug @Garrett @Eddie Dams @Craig @Domino Draws @animal74 @caltroit_red_flames @Greg Ernest @Motzaburger @Leafsfan328 @GlowyGoat @Lochlan Chisholm @Wally @I dont know what I am doin @TheCHEESE @124715 @tylerwest @Rjdixon01


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Congratulations to @ATST and @TacticalHammer for correctly guessing the winners! You've earned 2 uncapped TPE


There's going to be one more of these for the playoffs and everybody is pretty much guaranteed to win some points, every game correctly guess will be worth .5 TPE (rounded up) and guessing the correct score will get you 1 TPE. Spread the word guys!! TPE TPE TPE :)





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