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Trade throwback Ep. 2


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CGY / MOS - Feb 15, 2019

Calgary receives:

Moscow receives:

S65 MOS 1st (Elasmobranch Fish)

Mark Gebauer





Starting with the pick that Calgary received. The 1st round, 6th overall pick was used to select a defenseman. Fish was just one of the three first round picks for Calgary that season. Fish had his rookie season in S65 and it wasn’t too shabby. Fish managed to finish 17 opportunities he got while setting up his teammates 41 times. Long way of saying 17 goals and 41 assists right. Being a checking defenseman, he put up just over 250 hits going with 161 PIMs. Like I said that’s the only way to play in the VHL. Not collect ankles and score but kill brain cells.


Fish had a rather disappointing run in S66. His production reduced significantly with only 48 points, 67 hits and 52 PIMs. Unfortunate because he had more shots this season but nothing seemed to convert to goals. Bad puck luck I guess. His defensive game dropped slightly but it’s still impressive with 152 SBs. His 3rd and final season with Calgary saw him get back to his usual self with a career high season in points and assists. Fish never got his checking game back to its original excellence though.


Moving to Moscow now. S64 Mark Gebauer is a centerman that played with 3 VHL teams across his VHL career. He started off with a bright future with his first season with Moscow being his breakout season. Mark his sensational in the offensive zone, scoring and setting up plays. Mark was never able to improve his presence in the D-zone but never was an issue with his offensive skills. Mark spent 4 seasons in the chilly Russian capital, probably met Ovechkin and Putin. He had 2 incredible seasons with Moscow but Simon decided to ruin this mans career with a snap. A tremendous drop in production for this man which saw him get traded to Prague.


The user Sova eventually went IA I assume as Prague proceeded to release him in S70. But let’s look at some of his highlight stats. Mark was a big part of the Moscow powerplay unit and even-strength lines. With 28 powerplay goals, his opponents need to think twice before taking a penalty here. Mark plays a 5-0-0 game and he isn’t exactly huge. Battling around the boards was probably not his strong suit on the VHL ice. Hence, he sticks to what he’s good at.


To conclude, this trade is pretty even. Nothing to complain about here. Moscow got themselves an offensive machine and Calgary got a pass-first defenseman. Maybe Moscow got a little bad luck with Mark as Simon crushed him with his giant fist. But its user also fell into an inactive hole after that devastation. I guess it’s just too much to handle after that. Moreover, they each had a few playoff appearances with their respective teams but both never did too well there.


Well this is boring. Thought it was gonna be bad but oh well.


509 words, claiming week ending Feb 21


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