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Bana Blab #3


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Another week has come and gone in the VHL and we're one day week, day, hour, minute and second closer to playoffs once again. It honestly sometimes feels like you blink and the season ends. Then you blink and the playoffs end. Usually can't say the same about the off-season though. As a GM you want to get things done and out of the way, so waiting for all the timelines to start opening up and all of that is usually a tiny bit painful for someone like me who likes to plan ahead of time, be done and know where we're heading. Anyway, time to get into the blabbering of this weeks Bana Blab.


  • Today was Valentines Day. I worked. Today was day 7 out of 10 for me. I'm very excited for days off and this weekend I was looking after about 5 extra yards, numerous industrial sites and roughly 100 extra miles of track. I'm on call 24 hours a day and this -45 weather doesn't do well with my type of work so it was interesting to say the least. Anyway, came home and relaxed with the girlfriend.. made a roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and Greek salad and are going to go grab a Dairy Queen Blizzard later. SIMPLE. :D 
  • Another theme week has come and gone. VHL Vacation. I kind of get the point of it with Covid and all, but I don't know. Could of been a little bit better but I won't be as harsh as the guys on the Aussie podcast. It wasn't too bad but I also don't disagree that it's not hard to come up with creative ideas to get the league vibing. Hell, I usually have better Team Press Conference questions.
  • Seems as though playoffs are somewhat sorting themselves out. Nice little race going on in the EU where one of Malmo, Riga or London are going to be left crying/playing golf with Rory... Obviously Riga/London... London has been hurting as of late and their offense isn't as good. 4 Game Win streak VS a 2 game losing streak... I don't know... probably have to give this one to Riga unless London can somehow figure out their shit... TOR, NYA, LA are all close enough to make some noise but CGY, SEA or the other teams would seriously have to fuck the dog to let them catch up. It can be done.. but will it be? Likely no. 


It was fun. It was also for 2 TPE. Enjoy the upcoming week... stay safe..  dont be a dumbass out there folks.. people's safety is more important than your desire to go have a beer, go bowling or go buy a new hat :D  Just my 79 cents. 

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