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Lenny Sanderson Returns to Antarctica


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                          After leaving his childhood home in Antarctica when he was ten years old, Lenny Sanderson had never gone back. His parents had come up to North America, to Saskatoon and Las Vegas, multiple times over the course of those 8 years, but he had always longed to breathe the cold, fresh, pollution-free Antarctic air again. As gone into in this article, he had more or less adapted to the American and Canadian culture and way of living. With a sudden announcement of a vacation for all VHL and VHLM players, Lenny was able to realize his homecoming. 


        When Lenny called his parents in Antarctica for the first time regarding the trip, he comically asked them if they were busy. Their response, of course; "Really, Lenny? We're in Antarctica". So right away, he got to booking a flight, which is rather difficult considering the lack of major airports in Antarctica. But the Sanderson's couldn't have been living there without some connections, so it wasn't a huge task to fly Lenny down to the Sanderson household, which looks out onto the Weddell Sea. Once he had gotten his luggage sorted out, he went on a little tour of his childhood home. He was surprised to find that the house looked a lot more like a laboratory now that he had seen actual houses in North America. He was also a little stunned by the cold, and for a moment he was wistful for the warm, sunny Las Vegas weather. But that was soon far from his mind as he rediscovered the Sanderson rink. The rink he had spent countless hours on growing up, with little to nothing else to do. It brought him loads and loads of happy flashbacks to when he was an aspiring young player, eager to get out of bed every morning and hop on the ice.


            After a few hours of catching up with his parents, Lenny found himself lacing up his skates to get back on to the ice that had shaped his life and career. His dad, Troy, a former hockey player himself who had used the rink in spare time, also shook the rust off of his blades to jump on the ice. A new father-son moment was born as Lenny and Troy skated, passing and shooting, for two hours. Finally, Lenny's mom called them in the house. The elder Sanderson's still had one last surprise up their sleeve.


 The last part of the trip started with Lenny being blindfolded and led out blindly into the cold. Suddenly, he was engulfed by warmth. He opened his eyes and was startled by the sight. It was....penguins. Hundreds of them, huddled together in this barn. His parents, amused with his confusion, spilled the beans. They had seen a waddle of penguins outside their windows, struggling to stay warm in the way below freezing temperatures. So they had started a project to have a barn built for them in the harshest winter months. It was something that was definitely unheard of before in the world.


      As he was putting his bags in the seaplane to return to Las Vegas, Lenny Sanderson wanted to do one thing before he left Antarctica one more. He took off his parka and some of his jackets and sat in the snow, with a not-recommended amount of clothing in the frozen wasteland, and meditated. He sat there, at peace with himself, for 10 minutes straight before Troy called him out and he finally said his goodbyes and got on the plane. It was the last time Sanderson would visit his home nation for a long time.




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Very interesting to see a player from Antarctica, it would be strange to be born there. I always like reading your articles as you have excellent grammar and punctuation and you format them well. Your story-telling skills exceed mine for sure. My theme week media spot was all over the place. 10/10 

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