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Vacation from the VHL


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The VHL is known to be an enjoyable and fun passtime for a lot of people in this community. Everyone meets up and has a chat about anything and everything. This could be via discord or on the forums itself.

All this is done whilst seeing how our fake hockey player/team is doing in their daily games.

Now this may seem like a lot of fun but if you are consistently writing articles, making graphics or recording podcasts week in and week out it can get a little draining. This is where some people experience some burnout in their VHL careers.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back from the league sure that may mean missing a solid 12 TPE but with Welfare being a click away it is more like 8 TPE.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about mental health in the VHL and I believe that taking a break once in a while can help with that. I know some people just want to be the very best and grind that TPE but a balance is what is required.

I know I am one person who rarely takes a step away but there were a few times where I needed to and definitely should have.

I think it is also important for a GM to have someone to fall back on should they go on a holiday or need to step back from the VHL. Having an AGM or even just a collection of people that can take over lines and LR duties while you have a weekend away with family is always a positive.

Even the people here who think the VHL is my escape and I will never want to step back or I will never earn less than max cap. Have a plan or an idea of what to do if you ever want to step away.

Mental health is a tricky thing to keep on top of some people will be fine and one day crash, others will just slowly decline, sometimes to slow they don’t notice it is happening. This is why I believe it is a good idea to have a plan if you need to dip out of the VHL for a while.

Some ideas for people if they ever want to take a week off. Do a double week claim MS or podcast and release it on a Monday with your minor point tasks. Then you can safely take almost two weeks off when you come back and do your next week’s tasks on the following Sunday. You can even have these preprepared. This gives you almost two weeks off without missing any TPE.

All I wanted to make clear in this Media Spot is everyone has a life, and in life anything can happen have a little back up plan in case you want to step away. Even if you have a media spot about your players upbringing prepared or a spare graphic that you save away for a rainy day. Just like anything in life take care of yourself and when you need to take a break!

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