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As I hail from mountainous country and came down through the highlands of Scotland before reaching the VHL, I decided to inquire about other areas that have wondrous alpine vistas that I could visit once the season is over. There are a couple I have decided to travel to before the next season begins and they both sound unbelievable but I guess I’ll have to see for myself to believe! I’m talking about Norway 🇳🇴 and Switzerland 🇨🇭.  


I happened to chat with a former player from Norway, Gunnar-Rune Rorvik. As one of the first members of the Triple Gold Club, he keeps tabs on the happenings of the league and was doing some scouting in Canada. Anyway, he was telling me of the majestic fjords in Norway that jut up into the sky as well as into the sea. Now, that sounds like a fantastic place to me. Mr. Rorvik said that the biggest fjord is called Sognefjord and the cliffs reach as high as over 1300 meters! A great way to see the fjord and all its branches and inlets is by boat starting from the town of Bergen. I’m now a big fan of boats but I could probably make an exception. I also love the lights in the northern sky that are called aurora borealis and he mentioned that the arctic town of Tromso is one of the best place to watch them dancing across the sky. Tromso also surprisingly has a botanic garden that feature many northern flora. That could be interesting.


Another country that sounds like I could get lost in (in a good way) is Switzerland, home of the Alps.  It sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy the mountains and get some peace and quiet. I would definitely like to see the famous Matterhorn and the village situation below it, Zermatt. There is also the heritage site of the longest glacier in Europe, the Great Aletsch Glacier which begins at the peak, Jungfraujoch. There is an observatory and beautiful views at the top of the journey. And nearby there is a place I have heard many of my well-travelled friends gush about - the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Gods, it sounds amazing! Nestled within towering peaks with over 70 waterfalls, cable cars, hidden valleys and colorful meadows, I can imagine myself spending a lot of time there just hiking, enjoying the heights of the mountains and the roar of the waterfalls. It sounds like a place to go forget it all for a while and just be immersed in nature. I hear the food is very good there as well and who doesn’t like good food? I just hope I can hike enough so I don’t get fat and have to lose a bunch of weight for training camp!


Image result for lauterbrunnen small

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


To me, visiting those two countries would be a destination vacation of the highest order and I plan on booking tickets as soon as I can. But right now, the Hounds are in a fight for a playoff spot and I must focus on that for now.  

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Review: Norway and Switzerland sound like great places for a visit, never been myself, but you sure talk them up enough to see it’s a great choice! Nice GRR reference as well to keep it league related, along with the Hounds reference to close it out. Good luck on the end of the season and booking those tickets sooner than later.



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