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Paris, Here I Come


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Mikey Harris spent some time lately thinking about where he would go on a vacation to if he got the chance. In the end he decided that he wanted to go to Paris, France. Reading about it as a child and seeing all the pictures just made him want to go there more and recently, he had a chance to visit. Of course he was going to visit the Eiffel Tower, but before he did that, he explored the city and tried to speak with the locals as much as he could. He does not speak French well at all so he wasn't able to really to do anything without somebody translating for him, but he still had a good time. The city was a lot bigger than he expected and he got lost a couple of times, but he was always able to find a way to get back.


Finally he reached the part of his trip when he went to the Eiffel Tower and decided that he walk up the entire tower. He overestimated himself and a quarter of the way through he was dead tired due to not sleeping well, but it was too late for him to go back down and take the elevator because of all the tourists in the tower. Mikey could barely even walk with the amount of people standing around taking pictures and just trying to see the view, and this slowed Mikey down a lot. After an extended period of time, he finally able to reach another elevator, but he couldn't go in immediately because of how crowded it was. Something Mikey had never really experienced was the fact that millions of people travel to certain spots on the globe and while look amazing in the photos, in real life there a lot more people and a lot of space is taken up by visitors. Mikey got in the elevator after waiting for about 5 minutes and finally made it to the top, where he took a couple of pictures and then started on his trek back down the stairs.


He had a meeting with his agent about endorsement opportunities that he had to get to later in day and it was looking like he was going to be to late to those unless all the foot traffic cleared up. As he was walking and getting very close to the exit, somebody stopped him because he recognized him as a VHLM player. Mikey had never really gotten that much attention for his hockey career so it was nice in his eyes, and he took a picture with the fan and signed an autograph for him. After that he finally exited the tower and headed over to the meeting with agent. Mikey had one more day in Paris before he left so he decided to spend it eating as much of the local cuisine as he could. After a long day, he headed over to the airport to get ready to start the grind again and thanked his family for allowing him to go this trip, He took one last photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, and then he left.

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Review: First off, walking up the entire Eiffel Tower? Crazy. Nice Mikey got recognized as a VHLMer, now you got to work harder to make sure you don't disappoint the faithful now. Lots of phots of the tower on your phone now, lol


My only critic would be, possibly a title, some color and a graphic or picture would help spruce up the article. 


Otherwise good job; 8/10

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