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creed draft updates/news 3


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this its my draft news/update during this time with my i guess would be training contract with the san Diego marlins. this along with my not only my tpe will update everyone every week about my goals for the next season, what to expect out of me, stats, and tpe levels so to start out is to give everyone my stats for this past week



in this past week I've made improvements to my player his current stats are as follows.

GP=35 G=4 A=5 P=9 +/- = -32 SHT=34 PIM=0 HIT=23 SB=3 GW=0 PPG=1 SHG=0 

My player tpa score is 102 with my overall stats being.

CK=40 FG=40 DI=50 SK=50 ST=40 PH=41 FO=54 PA=58 SC=70 DF=42 PS=55 EX=40 LD=42


goals this week/so on

1. upgrade my passing to 60 (goal to be done this week)

2. to try to give a media spot a try

3.try to move up in the draft stock (goal till draft)

4.win more games

5.try to get interviews in articles/media spots

as I say every week i will gladly take any interviews anytime and take questions of what to expect out of me and all that don't be afraid to ask for an interview for your articles or anything else.


this has been your weekly creed update.

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