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The Best Rivals Ever - Jacques Lafontaine

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CALGARY - The goaltending scene in Canadian VHL teams is changing. Jimmy Spyro of the Vancouver Wolves will be retiring due to the eight-season rule in the Victory Hockey League. So will Jacques Lafontaine, who opted to retire from the VHL early. This leaves Jaxx Hextall, who will play his eighth and final season in the Victory Hockey League next season. With two out of the three rivals retiring however, it’s safe to say it’s the end of an era.


“Yeah, it has been a fun career in the Victory Hockey League. Those guys made it all the more enjoyable to be in the league. Sure, we were all on opposing teams, and of course we had some scrums. It’s hockey, it happens. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t ask for better rivals and more importantly friends to play against. It was truly an honour to play with and against them. Jimmy and Jaxx will always have a special place in my heart. And, a bit off track here, I think it’s fitting all of our names start with a J. Amazing players, amazing people, and just amazing to be around. Thank you again, Jaxx and Jimmy.”


@ROOKIE745@DarkSpyroIt has been a great career and I will miss this rivalry. Can't wait to see our new players. Tear it up next season, Jaxx! And congratulations on a great career, Jimmy!

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Right from S69 when you played for the Wild and I played for the Hounds, the sparks were always in the air when we both hit the ice to face off. The storyline that forged our rivalry is legendary and so rare that it became clear to me very early on that we were both destined for greatness in the VHL. Toss in the rivalry that sparked between you and Hexx the season after (and then Hexx and me not longer after because of it) we not only created a new era with us on top for many seasons, but a legacy that has been cemented in the history books for many years to come!

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