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Cowboy Prouts vacation


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Vacation is something a Cowboy would never do. Working 7 days a week on there ranch Yeehawing away day by day. This really isn’t something this young man does. Hell he’s never taken one in his life before. He’s always worked on the farm on those long days up north while hacking darts and drinking that good ol Canadian beer and not that cheap American water bullshit! Cowboy Prout will bull ride and showcase his talents off ice that he has. 



From being on the farm on those long days and only being able to see glimpses from when he’s inside the Calgary stampede is what this Cowboy dreams of. Smoking darts, cold beer, country music and being with those Yeehaw people he fits right in! (Almost) the Calgary Stampede also being up North has always caught his attention and something he’s dreamed of! The better part of his vacation his ranch his now new VHL team the Calgary Wranglers! He’s right in his hometown so he don’t have to travel (which he hates). See look at this we’re off to a great start! It’s positively I spread! 



Good ol western boy don’t need no fancy ass vacation being plain Jane is all he’s ever been known to be! He’s not gonna give a shit when he goes to the Calgary Stampede he’s missing teeth enjoying those smokes with his cold beer ripping his shirt like he’s some kind of Hulk Hogan muti but he’s actually stronger then the real version! 



Hell maybe going to the Calgary Stampede Cowboy Prout may even be able to get the one and only Boom himself to be his date since he forgot to give him a Valentine’s Day card! And possibly take one of those cute pictures together in front of a old beat up pickup truck! (Yes @Juice he’s mine from San Diego so fuck off ya munchkin)  I even give him beers and chicken wings and a steak at this event WHEN he comes!


DISCLAIMER for Booms sake or anyone else that’d like to tag along. Yes if Juice try’s to attempt at coming and take you back I will and I mean I will rope him tie him up and bring him to the lovely Calgary zoo and toss him in a cage somewhere by himself and make a sign saying 


“ My names Juice. I stink like beef and cheese and Cowboy Prout put me here since I’m a naughty boy and needed a time-out. Please don’t leave without taking a picture of me and giving me a juice box (provided by the Calgary Wranglers) and some animal crackers. Have a good rest of your visit!” 



So now ask me if Juice will bother us! :) 



Also on this side not wondering if fellow newly Calgary Wranglers teammates or management would even to tag along for some team bonding and get there partying ready for when they actually win this season 😉



looking forward to joining this team and being back to the north of the boarder! 



Remember this, 







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( @BOOM @Juice)

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