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(S78) G - Aike van Giersbergen, TPE: 68


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Hey @enigmatic, nice to see you've made a new player here in the VHL. The Yukon Rush are currently 4th in league standings and we have room for a backup goalie. We would love to bring you in if you're interested. quote me and reply #FeelTheRush if you would like to sign

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Welcome back @enigmatic!!!


I'm Juice, and I am the Assistant GM of the Mexico City Kings and we can offer you a spot as our Backup.


We are poised to be a cup contender this season and Mexico City would love to have you help kick the evil villain of the VHLM aka the Houston Bulls! You could help be the King to help lead the Kings to a cup before the upcoming draft and we would love to have you!


If you think Mexico would be the right fit for you, all you have to do is quote this post and say "accepto 🌮"!

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24 minutes ago, DMaximus said:

@enigmaticOur goalie retired midway through the season. I'm probably the only team that can offer you a starting role. Join the Reapers and get some real experience!


Definitely hard to beat!


I will gladly be a Reaper again :)


Thank you all for the offers.

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