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What ancient curse has been placed on the New York Americans?


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So New York. Here we are again. A rebuild starts off promising, then half your prospects go inactive, the sim results don't come, and then we're back to square one. Well this time it didn't even start promising...


I don't know what ancient curse Devise placed on New York after winning their last two cups, but the results are clear to see. For those not up to date, here's a quick summary of the Americans' struggles:


Mid 60s: Things started off so promising with the drafting of McWolf and Wilinsky. Then fellow S63 first-rounder Shawinganen went inactive, as did the GM and his goalie, and then first overall S65 pick Carles Puigdemont for the final crushing blow. New York made a couple brief playoff appearances and it was back to rebuild by S67.


The S68 era: This should have been the one. The GM didn't go inactive (a franchise first since S55!) and they were packed with S68 first-rounders. Except every other pick went inactive (one for more tragic reasons than others), as did the S70 first-rounder Risteneen, while the players who stuck around were crippled by some voodoo which meant they never quite hit the heights they could (the S72 and S73 teams were genuine cup contenders).


The current rebuild: I'm sad. S74 first rounder Schauer – inactive. S75 first rounder Thatcher – jury is out. S75 second rounder Zyuzin is gone, while Prout just asked out and has been traded. There is a core in place but is it enough in this day and age? I'm afraid the curse is showing no signs of slowing down.



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