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Small New York Recap


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The trade deadline has officially passed and in the books. With one trade that effects myself and gives me something to reflect on was my trade to the Calgary Wranglers.



My time in New York was good. I had some amazing teammates in @thadthrasher @Tate @Rhynex Entertainment @jhatty8 And more :)! I’d like to thank @dlamb and @Esso2264 for drafting me and giving me a chance in my first creation. Thank you for everything. Cheers! 



Now onto Calgary Wranglers. I’m honestly excited I like this team’s direction and the team. I’ve been welcomed nicely and looks like I’ll be here to hopefully help in post season. This is a great opportunity and I’m just hyped and ready to get myself started in my new journey and home. I hope to still be able to perform the way I’ve been but the ultimate goal for me is how the team does and team success which I hope to help bring. 


@Patrik Tallinder and @Jubis thank you. I hope to make a positive difference here and to overall help and be a good defencemen for seasons to come. This is honestly a great opportunity and I’m thankful you guys got me. This team looks and feels great to be on and I hope I represent what you guys look for well.



Thats a wrap im ready for my new team and chapter while I’m thankful for my last! This was my way of saying thank you and others for me to say I’m ready to begin!


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