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Sven Reikkinen Declares For S78


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It has happened, it has finally been done. I Devise have finally recreated at what people would call the "optimal" time. For those unfamiliar, despite knowing that it makes the most sense to recreate at the trade deadline to get the most time inbetween when you create and when your draft day on deadline recreation I famously never did it. Most of all my original players actually never went full careers as I retired early for several often circumstantial reasons. When I finally did decide to take my last few players the full career I opted out of the optimal recreate time to simply recreate after natural retirement. Ultimately I feel like I have cultivated a reputation as being a member who makes relatively scrub tier players generally outside of the VHL"s longstanding conventional meta norms. Logan Laich was probably my most notable fail in that experiment. Where I put points into scoring but not skating because fuck it. It didn't work, don't do that. 


So with Sven I'm doing it all different. I recreated at the right time, I'm going to be building him relatively in line with most common builds although leaning more as scoring blue liner. We'll see how things go, the start of a career always offers so much promise and with enough time to tweak some attributes before the draft day I feel a little more hopeful about the situation. The other thing I did differently was go with a huge legacy name. Reikkinen!


For those unfamiliar long before he was your resident pokemon expert @.sniffuM had a player in the league named Tukka Reikkinen. You can find this player reference 24 overall on the top 75 players list, sitting in the HoF. While his career may not be as legendary as say an O'Malley or a Campbell Tukka helped break two curses in his career with Vasteras and New York. So it is with that Sven was born. The much younger cousin of the player who retired in S32, Sven will carry a huge chip and a large shadow. I'm totally fine if the Devise curse is to never build a HoF player in my leagues history. But I'll be damned if I don't at least try to change that last bucket list item before I quietly tend to league activities in the back room with the rest of the oldies who've all done way more than me in that HoF. I HAVE A DREAM! :P Good luck Sven. See you in 4 seasons when it's all obviously gone wrong and I'll be retreated to accepting another scrub to have fun with. 

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